Explain this one to me

Explain this one to me

Ok...I gotta admit....I don't get it....

Don't get me wrong.  I really like animals...I particulary like dogs...I think what Michael Vick did was awful...He deserved to go to jail...and he did...He seems repentant and seems ready to make a life change....I'm really glad Tony Dungy is mentoring him...I can't really think of anyone else I'd rather have speaking truth into his world (and yes TRUTH is a person) than Coach Dungy...And now people are kind of freaking out on whether or not Vick will be signed by another team and be allowed back in the NFL (it appears he will)....PETA has promised to protest that team because of what Vick did....

I get the outrage...I get the repulsion....Animal abuse is awful....I also believe in redemption and forgiveness and second chances...thats what my God tells me to do....I'm good with Vick being back in the NFL...

Here's what I don't get it....Where is the outrage over Donte Stallworth? Michael Vick killed dogs...He got a year and a half in prison for it...He deserved that...Donte Stallworth got drunk (really drunk) and killed a human being....a guy just trying to get home from work...and Donte got 30 DAYS in jail (and he didn't serve all that)...Donte Stallworth will be reappearing in the NFL as well this year....Where are the protest?  Where is the outrage?  Does anyone else find it a little alarming that dog fighting gets you a year and a half in jail and the opportunity to be public enemy number one....and to the murderer...30 DAYS IN JAIL??? 

I understand Donte Stallworth is truly remorseful for what he did....He's sorry it happened...I'm pretty sure the victim's family is really sorry it happened too....But does the punishment fit the crime? I remember in biology class that humans are classifed as animals...Maybe PETA should focus their protests on Donte?  Just a thought...

**UPDATE** NFL suspends Stallworth for entire 2009 season...Good for you Roger Goodell

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