The Parentals

The Parentals

Pinelake's Discover magazine did a great story on Bo & Barbie this month...Great summary of God's mighty hand:

A Healing Faith
Barbie and Bo Scales


Every morning Bo and Barbie Scales are eager to get to work. They greet their overwhelming workload with excitement and anticipation. The paper work and evidence keep piling up, but they’re never defeated -- even when that evidence exposes a rapist.

Bo and Barbie Scales work in a crime lab. They have owned and operated Scales Bio Lab in Brandon for 20 years. They work primarily with DNA testing for criminal work and paternity testing and were at the time of their accreditation only 1 of 12 private labs in the world accredited for forensic DNA testing. Their work is often gruesome in nature and difficult to understand, but through science and dedication they bring closure to families and relief to victims.


However, in July of 2008 they faced a situation that they didn’t know how to solve. Their son, Joey and daughter-in-law, Gretchen lost their daughter at 34 weeks of pregnancy, after the umbilical cord became wrapped around the young infant’s leg and circulation was cut off. Baby Grayson was mourned and the family grieved, but they found comfort in knowing Grayson was with Jesus and knew that there was a purpose. “Early on we began to see the good that came out of her death, watched her own daddy witness and pray at her funeral, and then  heard from people that they were led to a stronger faith or were made to think more about going to church because of her funeral,” shared Barbie. 


For Bo and Barbie, the experience began a re-purposing of their own faith. “I had said when Grayson died that we needed to be in church, we needed to be fed.  I had pretty much decided that I would come to Pinelake. I said to Bo, after we got back from Grayson’s funeral, ‘Do you want to go to church tomorrow?’ And he said, ‘How about Pinelake?’ I feel like that began our healing that came from her death.”


As they found their same seats each Sunday, their faith became something different, it became alive. Friendships began developing with those sitting around them and a church family formed. What the Scales didn’t know at the time was God was preparing them for something that would change their lives. Barbie had cancer.


In December, the cancer was found during a routine check-up Barbie had to complete in order to change insurances. The doctor came into her room and placed his hands on a spot where he instantly felt a lump. He took his hand away and said they needed to operate as soon as possible. Checking the area again, the doctor was unable to locate the original lump. She had been standing in such a way that the lump was noticeable when the doctor first entered, but in a moment the lump retreated. “My oncologist said I shouldn’t have ever found it. I know that God had his hand in all of it,” Barbie shares.


After surgery, several tests, and the assistance of their son Christian who is a radiologist in Alabama, she was given the report; it was stage IV non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, but Barbie and Bo would not be discouraged, they would be “winners” as Bo describes. They had been prepared by God for this fight. “Grayson’s passing had us spiritually getting ready for my illness, it helped us walk the path, and I don’t know how we would’ve made it had we not been in church,” shares Barbie.


With their faith growing and the support of the church, the Scales went to battle. “It was unbelievable the support we received from everyone, even complete strangers said they were praying for me,” exclaims Barbie. Bo shared, “With our line of work we are in contact with so many people: investigators, district attorneys, sheriffs, and deputies. So at one trial, the minute it was over I talked to the defense attorney, investigators, and judges and told them about Barbie. They offered to pray for her and became great prayer warriors.”  Even the law enforcement officers that came to their lab took a moment to pray for Barbie and  put her on the prayer lists in their home churches. One such day a large, intimidating deputy came into the lab and began sharing his faith, so Barbie simply asked him to pray for her, “He grabbed me by the hands and said ‘this is what you do when someone asks you to pray for them’; then he prayed.  It’s really amazing what happens when you ask people to pray for you.”


They kept asking, and the prayers kept coming. Soon the power of prayer began working. Out of obedience and thanks, Barbie decided to get baptized. A week later she received the report from her oncologist and from her son that she was cancer free!  Prayer and praise abounded. “It may sound strange, but in some ways my cancer has been a blessing, Bo and I now pray together every night and our faith and marriage are certainly stronger than ever. I wouldn’t go back and not have the illness----because of where we are now in our faith,” Barbie reflects.


Just over a year since the passing of Grayson, they have welcomed a new grandson, Knox (born to Joey and Gretchen), and Barbie continues to live cancer-free. Back working at the crime lab they examine their own case for Christ, “Bo has always said if God’s purpose in Grayson’s death and my illness was to bring us closer to Him and to each other, He accomplished that.” Bo responds, “Check. Check.” Case closed.


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1. Greta Bryan wrote:
What a wonderful testimony! Dolph & I treasure our friendship with Bo & Barbie. It is amazing what our wonderful Lord does in our lives. Why do we ever doubt...when we let go and let Him do the work...everything turns out so much better than we could have ever imagined. Our love to all. Greta Bryan

Fri, October 16, 2009 @ 3:40 PM

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