They DON'T Care

They DON'T Care

* DISCLAIMER---If you are an employee, friend of an employee, or just a fan of Comcast, please know this is not a reflection on you but merely on my personal experiences. Have a good day (and check out Direct TV)

As a follower of Christ, I don't think we are to hate anyone.  Osama, Manson, Saddam,  Lane Kiffen (ok I slid that one in) all bring up strong emotions within me but I don't hate them; its just not something I'm supposed to do.

But does that mean I can't hate institutions?  I was at an Egg Bowl a few years back and a guy was wearing a shirt that simply said "I hate State".  And my thought was..."Buddy, I"m not too fond of your school either."  I don't even like referring to them by their chosen name....I prefer Dan Mullen's "the school up north"...And to be totally honest, if the Taliban with Osama at quarterback was taking them on, it would be a real struggle for me as to who to support...At any rate, I've determined that its ok to strongly dislike institutions, be it a certain university or a certain cable provider.

With that buildup, let me say that my internet/cable experiences with this cable provided have been pretty poor. I had Time Warner at the house and it was all good, but suddenly corporate mergers happened and my bill went up while my service (and customer service) went way, way down. We have had frequent (as in weekly) internet outages at the church and I could go on and on...At any rate, in the past couple of weeks I've finally made the jump and am now using ATT for home internet and Direct TV for cable.  Its been great so bill is service is better...a good deal.  But I still have to get rid of old cable company, so when I call to cancel on Saturday, I get the question I've been expecting.  "Why would you want to cancel sir?"  I say "Because you have inferior service, superior pricing, and awful customer service."  (Again, this is just my experience).  She says "gotcha" and then tells me that she will turn off my service but I will continue to get billed until I turn in equipment (which the store is not open until Monday) Again....great corporate policies...So on to Monday....

I go to turn in my equipment and immediately  I am overwhelmed by the LONG line...lots of folks, grumpy folks, with equipment in their hands...Now keep in mind this office is not just for people who are disconnecting but also for customer retention.....So its in their best interest to make people happy in this office....And the long is line and slowwwwwwwwwww moving.....45 minutes later I arrive at the front and the nice lady (and she was nice) asks me why I'm disconnecting service and before I can answer she apologizes for the long wait because their internet services is giving them problems...How classic is that...I wish I was making this up but nope....That's why the line was so slow....Poor internet performance....Awesome... I tell the lady, "THIS is why I'm disconnecting...."  Unbelieveable!  But I'm out!! No more of this company at the house! 

And of course the saga continues....This morning in the office....NO INTERNET....They say unknown outage...unknown fix time....WOW....Gotta love it. Took him a couple of hours to get it back....So the moral of this sad story is:

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